Flowers Are Smiling

August 24, 2010


It’s a great day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all my plants are smiling. Now what could be better that that!

The Smile

Lots of projects going, going, going …… I just finished updating my web site Esoteric Gardens. It’s all about ART • EARTH • REIKI __

Behind The Times

July 31, 2010

Last post in February ….. it’s now July about to the August in a few more hours. Looks like I must have fallen into a time warp or something? Yes, life does go on even if posting does not. I just re-designed my web site today …. EsotericGardens.

Life Moving Forward

buddha soup

February 14, 2010

GOURMET EXPERIMENT  #2   Yes here I am again ….. this time working on Buddha Soup. The main ingredients are red lentils and water plus a few spices. But I got to thinking that Buddha might need a little more nourishment if he is going to be mediating with me, so I added some onion, carrot, mushroom and bell pepper. (I couldn’t help myself. I just bought a vegetable peeler at the Home & Garden Show yesterday.)

So far so good. Every thing is in the pot and boiling. Now commencing step 3 …. simmer for 45 minutes. I am anxiously awaiting the out come

the onions in my soup

February 14, 2010

OH THOSE ONIONS ….. they never did “brown up” like I was hoping for. My sister now tells me that I should have used yellow onions instead of red onions. Meanwhile, the soup ended up not tasting too bad especially when I pretended that I was camping …. freeing cold and starving!

WELL …. it’s either learning to become the Transient Resident Cooker when I visit my friend Mary in Santa Barbara or else rely on her good hearted neighbor who always sends over a week’s worth of tamale pie  when I come because she doesn’t want me to starve. That’s right neither Mary nor I are cookers. And I’ve decided one of these days her good hearted neighbor will die …. then where will I be when I visit Mary. I’m not expecting the good hearted neighbor to die anytime soon. But learning to become a cooker might take awhile so I thought I better start now. Mary’s idea about this …. well she bought us a new can opener.

Meanwhile I’m back home and I’ve decided to start a “Monday Afternoon Gourmet Experiment Project.” Who knows, I may become ….  the Real …. the Official …. Sycamore Canyon Gourmet Transient Resident Cooker! I think it in the best interest of all not to follow in Julia Child’s footsteps however. I am sure that would only doom me (and Mary) to utter disappointment. Thus and such, today’s experiment comes from Mollie Katzen (whoever she is) ….. but her book did say “simple” on the cover and it does have pictures. Today’s goal, which is currently in progress, is caramelized red onion soup with cheese topped croutons.

Step 2 according to the directions, satue onions until golden brown. Takes about 30 minutes says the book. Well here I am 60 minutes later and still waiting for golden brown to happen. Hope step 3 will go faster as I need to have this finished up before my Master Gardner Class on Wednesday!